Monday, June 17, 2013

Nate, Laura & Lily

Thanks to Nate and Laura for giving me the opportunity to take some pictures of their family.  It was really fun to find some creative places to shoot.  They are a very photogenic family.

When she was comfortably in the arms of mom and dad, Lily was all smiles, but when it was just her and me, she wasn't so sure.  Oh well, she looks cute no matter what!

 It's all muscle!!!  She was so cute with her little hands and feet while trying to avoid her first contact with grass.

This is a crop of the previous pictures.  I think this one is my favorite.  Even without Lily's smile, the atmosphere of the whole picture is beautiful.

Her beautiful blue eyes will just melt you!  I definitely think that kids see the world through very special eyes.

My Own Family - The Halliday's

I thought it would be fun to start a photography blog to show off some of the fun pictures I have been able to take while starting this new hobby.  What a better way to start than with my own family.  If I can't make my own kids smile, what right do I have taking pictures of yours. you go!

I knew that I would struggle to get a good family picture because it was important to Stacy to have me in the picture.  Convincing the kids to watch the blinking light proved much more difficult for the younger kids.  It's a good thing that photographers don't have to be in your pictures.